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Pricing a tattoo is tricky work, some would even say hard. Just like you can’t give the price of a basket of groceries, does one have steaks and the other chips? It's too many details.
An estimate, close to the price, probably close to, or between a range...   
Written on July 17th, 2019
Most minimum prices of reputable shops will be  $60 -$100

An artist thats been tattooing professionally for any time is gonna have an hourly of  $100-$200 Per hour.

All Artists at ILCS work with the best tools, the best tattoo machines money can buy, single use everything. 
Thats needles, and everything else thats involved in your tattoo. 

After all the dressing (saran wrap) is taken off and thrown away along with all the contents of the tray. The chair, tray and machines are cleaned in between each client to insure everyones safety.

To clean, we use tbcide, it's one of the highest medical grade disinfectants you can get.

Also almost all tattooers and piercers work on a commission base only, this means they get a percentage of the service cost that you pay as the client. They also pay for most of the supplies used for your service, this includes ink, needles, caps, jewelry and topicals (soaps and creams/ointments).

So with that being noted, tips are greatly appreciated and help make up for some of those costs.

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