New Way, Old Traditions
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I don't know about you but I'm all about making someones day, or life even, by giving them a tattoo they can love and live proudly with for the rest of their life. Even if that means giving them my honest opinion. To help them acquire something that is timeless, and not so worried about that moment in time. There are ways to do this and still remain polite and kind. And in the end, the client is always glad I did so.

 Growing up in a tattoo studio, and going to conventions from a young age, I have seen all ends of the industry. If I had to, I would say it is a bit dark and can be quite cold at times. So with that thought, after being around it my entire life I have decided to be different. 

In the tattoo industry "different" means friendly, patient, accommodating, honest and kind. Above all else PROFESSIONAL. 

One major problem I have had in the past was people not being able to organize and work together. Or as a single artist theres always something that could be improved. Maybe it's the art work itself or maybe its customer service. There's a lot of great tattoo artists out there now, so if you want to stand out you can't be afraid to grow.

I have found, used, and proven ways to nip these issues in the bud. I truly believe I can help anyone in this industry that WANTS it.
So if you want any of theses below...
  •   A drama free tattoo studio full of artists always tattooing or piercing, everybody's happy.
  •   Get AND keep clients that pay MORE so you can WORK LESS. 
  •  Change anything in your life that is wasting your time. Get rid of it !! TIME IS MONEY!
  •   Make more money just by knowing how much you can actually write off as an owner or artist.
  •  Get your dream clients, they get more done, and only want YOUR work! 
  •   Get Loyal clients that understand value is more than money and pay you what you want.
  •    Balance... peace of mind for the future.
Then click here to MAKE this s@!#% happen !
That is if you're not afraid and you don't care what people think.

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